Provincial Governor’s Office- Office for Special Programs (PGO-OSP)

The PGO-SPECIAL PROGRAMS TEAM is made up of Technical advisers to the Governor, regular employees detailed or assigned to the team,  and job order employees.  The team/office was organized for the purpose of helping the regular offices of the Provincial Government for  the speedy  implementation of the various projects of the Governor and delivery of basic services to our people (no more no less).  It is here to COMPLEMENT and not duplicate the work of the regular offices or become another layer in the flow of transactions in the capitol.


Defining the role and functions of the PGO-SPECIAL PROGRAMS team

In line with the very purpose of organizing the team/office- “ THE OPTIMUM DELIVERY OF BASIC SERVICES and SPEEDY IMPLEMENTATION OF VARIOUS PROGRAMS OF THE GOVERNOR”, the  office shall perform in coordination with concern regular offices, the following work and functions:

 Validation of request- On the basis of request for services, projects and other assistance from the people of the Province, the SECIAL PROGRAMS team assist in conducting validation of specific request as to the need and viability of  the request in terms of the number of beneficiaries  and the corresponding estimated cost involve, among other considerations.

  1. Gathering of dataGather necessary data as basis to estimate the cost such as the conduct of geo-tagging for farm to market roads, distance from the source to the service area for water system, or size of the production area for farm equipments/machineries, depending on the type and nature of the project.
  2. Assist communities get organized and registered- to be organized and register their organization with appropriate agencies of Government as common requirement to avail government projects such as Livelihood project, Water system, Agricultural equipments/machineries and farmers support subsidies, Resettlement site development project, others.
  3. Assist clients prepare basic documents- such as By-laws, resolution, minutes, certification, project proposal, simple record keeping and other paperworks.
  4. Identification- identify communities, sector, areas and their needs for government interventions and recommend to the Governor or other appropriate agencies of Government for immediate attention.
  5. Assist regular implementing offices- by preparing required documents needed to implement  projects such as Program of Work (POW), Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), Obligation Request (OBR), Purchase Request (PR), Purchase Order (PO) as maybe aplicable within the limited expertise and competence of the team.
  6. Monitoring- assist in monitoring the implementation of various programs/projects and make reports if necessary for approprite action of concerned offices.
  7. Others- perform other works as may be assigned by the Governor.


Our Work Force

    • Provide direction, logistical support, motivation
    • Incharge of program, answerable to the Gov., Check and review project documents
    • (regular employees)
    • Assist the program coordinators prepare required documents of project
    • (regular employees)
    • Gather required data and prepare basic documents of projects
    • ((regular & J.O. Employees)


Program Managers

Livelihood Dev’t. Project     RSDP (Brgy. Site) Water Resource ScholarsHip Program
Jerry Rebuyon Fidel Franco /

Jun Reyes

Josap Saplagio Rolly  Impas


Social  Services                   Philhealth Agri – Infra Medical/Dental/

Vet Mission

Irick Agbon Wilrose Bismanos Marvin Reyes Bebot Plaza


Supply,  Payroll, Procurement, Researcher, Documentation, Encoder, Front desk, Driver/messenger 
Support staff