Medical, Dental, Veterinary Mission

The Medical Mission (MM) is purposively designed to serve the poor people in depressed communities who cannot afford the high cost of getting medical attention. They cannot even afford to go to the nearest clinics or hospitals. That is why the Medical Mission is being done in the farthest barangays to cater the indigent families in these areas.
Normally, the Medical Mission is conducted to selected barangays for free consultations, dispensation of medicines and vitamins, veterinary (Animal Service) and distribution of wheelchairs. It is usually done every Friday through a requesting party. The requesting party maybe the barangay officials, municipal public servants, Hugpong Cagas Cares or any interested concerned individuals from charitable institutions.

Services provided during Medical Missions

a. Pediatrics
b. Dental Services
a. Dental check ups
b. Tooth extraction
c. General Medical Check Up
d. Minor Surgeries
a. Removing of cysts
b. Removing of warts
c. Removing of moles
d. Circumcision
e. Free vitamins and medicines
f. Animal Services
a. Anti-rabies vaccination
b. Deworming
c. Free vitamins
g. Wheelchair Distribution in partnership with Department of Health and Provincial Hospital of Davao del Sur