Scholarship Program

The Provincial Government of Davao del Sur created a scholarship program known as the “CAPITOL SCHOLARS” in consonance with the constitutional mandate stating that the State shall establish and maintain a system of scholarship grants, student loan programs, subsidies, and other incentives which shall be available to deserving students in both public and private schools especially to the underprivileged.

This program is categorized into the following aspects namely:

a. Educational Financial Assistance is paid directly to the school upon the submission of certificate of enrolment and billing/payroll to prove that a scholar is enrolled in the said schools/institutions
b. Such proof of enrolments and billings of the scholars are to be submitted to the Office of the Governor for verification and validation, thru the focal person od the said scholarship program
c. After the validation, all submitted documents duly authenticated and certified by the school authorized personnel, procedure for payments then follows.
d. Excess from the agreed financial assistance shall be given to as allowance to the grantee. In cases where tuition fees maybe higher than the financial assistance, the grantee pays the difference


a. To extend educational assistance to all Capitol Scholars of the Province of Davao del Sur that in need of financial support for the payment of their tuition fees and other miscellaneous expenses
b. Contribute to the development of the youth/adult of the Province in pursuing their vocational and baccalaureate courses or even post graduate courses in preparation for their better future
c. To enhance the emotional, physical capability, talents and skills of Capitol Scholars