Barangay Lanuro of Hagonoy benefitted with the Medical Mission

People of Barangay Lanuro, Hagonoy, Davao del Sur benefited from the recent Medical Mission conducted by the Provincial Government of Davao del Sur on September 28, 2018. Along with the medical staff, Governor Douglas “Dodo” RA Cagas and Congresswoman Mercedes “Didi” Chan Cagas were present to oversee the activity.

During the event, Congresswoman Didi Cagas shared to the people that the road of Brgy. Lanuro will be included to the 100-million road project to Sinaragan, Hagonoy. On the other hand, Governor Dodo Cagas reminded the people to watch over their health and avoid unhealthy vices.

As per Richie Plaza, an employee of the Provincial Office involved in the medical missions, below are the figures of the offered services and its beneficiaries:

1. Adult (check-up, 13 yrs old and above and recieved free medicines)= 225
2. Pedia (check-up, 0 – 12yrs old Below and recieved free medicines ) = 181
3. Dental extraction = 33
4. Minor Operation:
4.1 Tuli = 14
4.2 Cyst = 3
5. Opto services = 100
(check-up: 30yrs old ABOVE and 45yrs old ABOVE recieved free reading glasses )

6. Screening for:
6.1 Breast mass = 3
6.2 Thyroid = 3
6.3 Hernia = 0
6.4 Prostate = 0
6.5 Myoma = 0

Total patients served and recieved free medical check up and medicines = 572

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