Development Thrust

Infrastructure Health Education Livelihood Peace and Order
+++Tourism, Agriculture, Environment
  • Infrastructure Development, particularly road opening improvement and rehabilitation including slope protection, drainage facilities and river protection, bridge construction, construction of public buildings and facilities including (health center, day care center, multi-purpose building and evacuation centers, school buildings, etc.) as well as repair and rehabilitation of existing infrastructure facilities.
  • Health Services shall include programs on public health which are preventive in nature and are being accessed to greater extent by lower income groups and health care program which will provide healthcare insurance benefits for qualified indigents.
  • Educational Assistance for the less fortunate but deserving students for tertiary education through the educational assistance program.
  • Livelihood Programs that will respond to the needs of the most vulnerable sectors, namely: the farmers, fisherfolks and indigenous people, women and workers in the informal sector.
  • Peace and Order Program as a foundation of sustained development. Plus… Plus… Plus…
  • Social Welfare Services to ensure full coverage of indigent programs for the less- privileged constituents.
  • Counterpart to the Philippine Rural Development Program (PRDP), PAMANA projects and other special projects.
  • Acquisition of lot under the Relocation Site Development for indigents and landless constituents.
  • Tourism Program
  • Agricultural Development Program
  • Environmental Development
  • Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaption

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