Food vlogger accuses ‘anti-meat people’ of censoring feature on lechon

Sonny Side, a food vlogger and creator of Best Ever Food Review Show, was recently in Digos, Davao del Sur to feature the country’s famous lechon. On his Facebook episode posted on August 16, it featured the preparation of seafood-stuffed and chicken-stuffed lechon from the said city. However, Facebook has censored the video and Side accused “anti-meat people” of mass reporting his episode about Filipino lechon, allegedly due to “violent or graphic content.”

“‘Anti-meat people,’ or whatever you want to call them, have reported my Stuffed Lechon video, resulting in it getting censored, halting its momentum, killing its views and shares and essentially effecting my bottom line,” he added.

Side’s seafood-stuffed lechon video has been viewed 1.8 million times on Facebook, with another million views on YouTube.


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