Government Sponsored Phil Health Program

Our available PhilHealth for December 2016 until the year 2017 is the Point of Care (POC) or better known as Emergency PhilHealth. This means that we do not enrol members anymore, instead we enter into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with PhilHealth for POC.

POC or emergency PhilHealth caters to all qualified beneficiaries who gets sick and confined at the Provincial Hospital without PhilHealth. They shall then be provided with PhilHealth under our emergency PhilHealth Program. Whenever there is a qualified recipient of POC and he/she is admitted with the Provincial Hospital, the said recipient then will have no excess billing.

Services rendered:

b. Information dissemination to priority beneficiaries of the availability of the POC
c. Assistance in admission of priority beneficiaries to the Provincial hospital


a. To improve health outcomes at the population level, especially the indigent
b. To ensure hassle-free benefits availability
c. To improve equity in health outcomes and access to health services

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