Relocation Site Development Program

The Relocation Sites Development Program (RSDP) is one of the Pabahay Program under the Social Services Program of the province that will cater to the landless, underprivileged beneficiaries/families, those affected by the expansion of roads/highways and families living in hazardous locations. They are given the opportunity to relocate and live in a safer place in the province and to build their residential houses which will resolve the housing backlog.


a. To acquire lots for resettlement of informal settlers in hazardous areas, landless people and/or to establish Barangay Government Centers.
b. To assist relocation site beneficiaries in improving their quality of life;
c. To assist prospective and existing beneficiaries to collaborate with LGUs and NGOs for possible funding or sustainable projects.
d. To create proper data banking of all Relocation Sites.

Services Provided:

a. Acquisition of Land
b. Enrolment of Beneficiaries through a Screening Committee
c. Conducting of Beneficiaries’ orientation seminar
d. Organization of Homeowner’s Association (registration with appropriate government agencies)
e. Survey of subdivision of lots
f. Awarding of certificates of occupancy to qualified beneficiaries
g. Giving of Certificates of Occupancy/ Stewardship to appropriate RSDP beneficiaries
h. Inventory and ocular inspection of existing RSDP sites
i. Reprimanding violators of RSDP guidelines to assure that the program’s guidelines and purpose have been faithfully complied with
j. Application for Transfer Certificate of Title with the Registry of Deeds to the name of the Provincial Government

• Application of Certificate Authorizing Registration (CAR) with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)
• Application of Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) clearance with DAR

k. Facilitate improvement of Administrative areas such as:

• Day care
• Activity area
• Religious
• Gymnasium
• Evacuation Area

l. Improvement of access to Subdivision and subdivision roads
m. Facilitate acquisition of potable water facilities for RSDP sites
n. Facilitate acquisition of power and lights for RSDP sites
o. Conduct Leadership Training and Basic Bookkeeping to the officers of the Homeowner’s Associations
p. Linking Barangay Government with Local Government Units and other Government Agencies (i.g. National Housing Authority, Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board) as part of the implementation strategies of the program
q. Provide livelihood to Homeowner’s workers association
r. Monitoring of Homeowner’s Associations