The Provincial Accountant’s Office of the Province of Davao del Sur aims to promote transparency for the best interest of the public and to maintain a sound fiscal management for effective and efficient delivery of genuine public service by providing accurate, reliable and timely financial information.


The Provincial Accountant’s Office of the Province of Davao del Sur endeavors to improve internal accounting control systems by strengthening pre-audit processes; being equipped with a cost-effective dependable and responsive Electronic Accounting System; nourishing competent and committed personnel by providing adequate training to be able to provide accurate, reliable and timely information to the public.


Financial Claims Processing Services (Pre-Audit Section)

Receives, records, indexes amd pre-audits all Disbursements Vouchers and Payrolls to ensure that all cash outlays are made inย  accordance with laws, rules and regulations and are supported with necessary documents to substantiate its legality.

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically shaped how we live our lives. How we do our work is not an exception. Heeding the call of the times, the Provincial Accountantโ€™s Office implemented changes to ensure that the delivery of basic and essential services to our clients will not be hampered. At the same time, such changes ensured that the health of our personnel and that of our clients are considered.

PACCO installed a queuing system and stationed a D-I-Y UV disinfection box outside of the office. Clients will have to get a priority number and are instructed to wait outside to avoid crowding inside the office and maintaining social distancing. Four windows were designated and services transacted at each window are also identified to facilitate order.

ย On the other hand, the PACCO provides DIY UV disinfection box. Clients then will have to disinfect first the documents that will be received by the office. These advancements implemented in the office are just two of the few steps the office has to take in going โ€œbusiness as usualโ€ during these trying times. As we go forward and navigate ourselves in the โ€œnew normalโ€, PACCO will always find new and creative ways to ensure that clients are served, transactions are completed, and the health of the deliverers and recipients of services is not compromised.



             The Provincial Government of Davao del Sur through the Davao del Sur Provincial Hospital (DSPH) has always been committed to providing basic social services to indigent patients admitted at DSPH including those who seek medical consultations from DSPH Doctors. Since 2017, MAIP or the Medical Assistance for Indigent Patients through the DSPH and other authorized partners is programmed to provide assistance to individuals who are in medical crisis situations. This commitment is manifested in easing the burden of families and patients through this most relevant and needed program especially in this time pandemic. 


           In addition, the Public officials and employees are at all times accountable to people and discharge their duties and utmost responsibility, integrity, competence, and act with patriotism and justice. 


           We, at the Provincial Accountantโ€™s Office (PACCO), have always been guided with these ideals by ensuring that disbursements of  MAIP funds are in accordance with existing accounting rules and regulations issued by the duly constituted authorities. The office commits for the timely submission of liquidation reports to the proper agencies as its support to the implementing office so that this kind of essential program will continue to benefit the less fortunate members of the society.


The Provincial Government of Davao del Sur, through the Provincial Public Employment Service Office (PESO), has extended its benevolence by supporting the Government Internship Program (GIP) which focal purpose is to provide opportunities to those who have been disproportionally affected by this pandemic especially the minorities- to wit; retrenched employees; College students who cannot sustain education and opt to become workers; Indigent and unemployed citizens.ย 

While the PESO handles the operational aspect of this program, PACCO ensures that the financial facet is also taken care of. PACCO verifies the accuracy and completeness of the documents in accordance with the existing auditing and accounting rules. As far as our eyes could catch sight of those who are suffering, this office is always ready to render extra service in order to sustain our purpose, i.e. to help the public.