Citizens Charter


This published Citizens Charter of the Province of Davao del Sur is a product of continuing efforts by the Provincial Government, in coordination with the business sectors and civil society organizations, to raise the standards of public services.

Republic Act 11032 or the Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018 is an act that aims to streamline the current systems and procedures of government services. With the recent mandate, this Charter was revisited to attune with the current challenges of providing service delivery accessible, transparent, effective and efficient to our constituents and other stakeholders.

As a transaction handbook, this Charter contains information on the services that the Provincial Government provides. It describes in simple terms the step-by-step procedures in availing of specific services from various departments and guarantees a prescribed performance level that the citizens may expect from the frontline service from a wide variety involving applications for any privilege, right, reward, license, concession or for any modification, renewal or extension of the enumerated application and requests which are acted upon in the day-to day transactions of the various offices.

The service requirements, like whom to contact in the various offices and their frontline staff, the necessary document to be submitted, the fees to be paid, and the guaranteed release or provision of the required service in the earliest possible time are herein stipulated in this page.

As such, this is our primary medium of communicating to our citizens how the various services can be availed of while ate the same time promoting greater transparency in our transactions, and enhancing accountability among our personnel.

The administration hope and trust that the Citizen’s Charter will go a long way to help the citizens of this province and at the same time promote efficiency and accountability among officials and employees of the Province of Davao del Sur.

You can download the digital copy here.