The basic functions of the Local Economic Development and Investment Promotions (LEDIP) Office, as mandated under Memorandum Circular No. 2010-113 unequivocally declares that said office shall take charge of all activities related to LGU investment facilitation and promotion activities, local enterprise development, establishment of support mechanisms for the growth of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME’s), provide mechanism for business retention and expansion, and other business and economic activities to attract investments and generate employment.


          The provincial community’s long term vision for the province, as expressed through its consultation with the stakeholders is to become “An agri-industrialized, commercial, eco-tourism and risk resilient province with a healthy ecosystems and managed natural resources that is socially and economically progressive in the fields of agriculture, fishery, forestry and tourism with a well developed land and sea transport network; home of healthy, God-loving, empowered people, rich in cultural heritage and a strong commitment to the principles of social justice, democracy and good governance, all within the framework of sustainable development”.


          For all stakeholders “to vigorously pursue for the social and economic upliftment of the standard of living of its constituents through effective collaboration with all stakeholders and sectors towards the attainment of the vision”.


Investment Promotion

♦   Responsible for evaluation of applications for registration and application for availment of local incentives.

♦    Provide assistance to clients in identifying business or joint venture partners, sourcing out skilled manpower and service providers, and facilitating concerns

♦   Provide assistance to clients in identifying business or joint venture partners, sourcing out skilled  manpower and service providers, and facilitating concerns encountered by investors and conduct research on the possible investment areas

♦   Monitor and evaluate project implementation of registered enterprises as well as new investments within the locality

♦   Formulate plans and strategies on strengthening networking relationships

♦   Prepare and disseminate investment promotion collaterals including briefing to investors

♦   Provide adequate recommendations on the existing legislation and procedures for local investment

♦   Provide assistance in the preparation for the annual investment priority plan of the locality

♦   Develop marketing, public relations promotional and advertising plans

♦   Analyze the investment incentive application

♦   Prepare financial statements and investment briefing reports

♦   Assist investors in investment related concerns



Business Development

♦   Responsible for the supervision of Trade and Industry functions

♦   Coordinate with Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) Development Council/Committee

♦   Conduct research and coordinate with national government agencies and entrepreneurs for local product standardization

♦   Conduct or participate in trade and exhibitions or other events in coordination with the private sector and other government entities

♦   Promote local trades by conducting/ participating product national and local development seminars, trade and investment mission, livelihood seminars, and marketing events

♦   Conduct research and endorsement of new technology for existing products

♦   Develop, monitor, and report performance measures on the effectiveness of trade and industry initiatives

♦   Facilitate product matching among MSMEs

♦   Conceptualize product paraphernalia and other marketing strategies for local products

♦   Monitor and analyze sales report of the trade fairs

♦   Responsible for the formulation of projects for product development

♦   Provide assistance in the conduct of research on funding possibilities from existing and new partners and donors

♦   Conduct research and development of new trends on investment promotion paraphernalia

♦   Monitor and recommend appropriate interventions for the sustainability for each industry

Economic Enterprise

♦   Responsible for the formulation of plans, development and implementation of proposal for the establishment of the new economic enterprise;

♦   Responsible for coordinating with partnering institutions/agencies/private sector associations intended for PPP projects, and for the conduct of research on PPP project possibilities from existing and new partners, including the development of a database of potential private sector partners;

♦   Responsible for facilitating and assisting in the implementation of PPP programs and projects;

♦   Responsible for coordinating with the PPP Center of the Philippines, the main coordinating and monitoring agency of the Philippine PPP Program, on the Division’s relevant tasks;

♦   Responsible for updating of the LGU’s data on the LGU P4 portal developed by the DILG;

♦   Responsible for the conduct of research on best LGU PPP practices, and for recommending plans, policies, and implementation guidelines related to PPP in consultation with appropriate implementing agencies and private sectors and;

♦   Other functions related to PPP projects as may be determined by the local chief executive