(1) Prepare forms, orders, and circulars embodying instructions on budgetary and appropriation matters for the signature of the governor;

(2) Review and consolidate the budget proposals of different departments and offices of the local government unit;

(3) Assist the governor in the preparation of the budget and during budget hearings;

(4) Submit periodic budgetary reports to the Department of Budget and Management;

(5) Assist the Sanggunian concerned in reviewing the approved budgets of component local Government units;

(6) Coordinate with the planning and development coordinator in the formulation of the local government unit development plan; and

(7) Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.


Aspires to proactively advocate the implementation of sound fiscal management policies to facilitate effective and execellent delivery of public service and to prospectively implementย  procedures to address urgent issues concerning the general welfare of its constituents, enabling the province to steer towards transforming Davao del Sur into a “Maanyag nga Paraiso”.


To promote and strengthen sound fiscal administration through the provision of effective and efficient budgetary management services that are suitable for and supportive of the implementation of the I HELP and I SHARE flagship programs of the Provincial Government, thereby ensuring excellent delivery of public service to the people of Davao del Sur.


We, the officials and employees of the Provincial Budget Office of Davao del Sur, hereby pledge our commitment to uphold the following organizational values and principles:ย 

PROFESSIONALISM- Through providing efficient, effective budgetary support services in a prompt, timely and impartial manner, in order to ensure excellent delivery and implementation of the programs and projects of the Provincial Government for the genuine welfare of Davao del Sur and its people;ย 

Clients who are within the premises of the office prior to the end of official working hours and during lunch break shall be catered and attended to.ย 

INTEGRITY- through adherence to the highest ethical standards of honesty, probity and a sense of responsibility, and to establish Code of Ethics and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees.ย 

EXCELLENCE- through upholding the value of competence and diligence and through ensuring strict compliance to laws, rules and regulations issued by competent authorities in the performance of PBOโ€™s mandate, duties and functions;ย 

PARTNERSHIP- through proper coordination and consultation with various offices within the organization and external stakeholders and clients, toward the attainment of the Provincial Governmentโ€™s vision, mission and development goals.