From the undivided Davao Province, Davao del Sur was carved out and created as a separate and independent province, 55 years ago. Since then, the province that lies in the Southeastern portion of the island of Mindanao, has been through a lot of challenges.
Today, under the leadership of the Cagas family, Davao del Sur has been considered as one of most progressive and talked-about provinces throughout the archipelago. Dubbed as Maanyag nga Paraiso, the province now boasts of its famous tourist attractions, both natural and man-made.
This year’s celebration of the founding anniversary of the province is one of the most festive in history. First-of-its-kind competitions and tournaments were conducted during the weeklong celebration. The inauguration and oath-taking ceremony of the first lady-governor of the province, Gov. Yvonne Roña Cagas, has made it more historic.
The culmination program made today, July 1, 2022, was even more festive. The motorcade that ended in the Provincial Coliseum, was well-participated.
On the other hand, all roads lead to the Davao del Sur Sports Field, where the most-awaited event, the Neon Rave Party with fireworks display, will be held.
Happy birthday Davao del Sur!!!

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