We, the officials and Employees of Provincial Social Welfare and development office
in the pursuit of innovative welfare programs and services to our clientele, do hereby
pledge to commit ourselves to:

1. Perform our duties and responsibilities with utmost dedication in order to work
for the upliftment of the social and economic status of our clientele

2. Support the Governmentโ€™s goal in effective delivery of social services to the
constituents of Davao del Sur to attain its efficiency and good governance
gearing towards responsiveness.

3. We will uphold and adhere to the ethical principle and core values of the Social
Work unfailingly.

4. Develop innovative mechanisms to continually deliver quality service towards
the disadvantaged sectors of this province, and that;

5. Our agency will consistently and efficiently provide developmental programs
and services to the constituents of Davao del Sur. So Help us Godโ€ฆ.


Comprehensive Assistance Program to Indigents and Other Marginalized Sectors:

– To substantially eradicate the elements of poverty through the provision of appropriate intervention to help individuals, families, group or communities to cope up with social, psychological, physical and economic problem arising from crisis situation.

Senior Citizen Program:

– To promote and protect the rights and welfare of the elderly.

Protection of Children Program:

– To ensure sustainability of the Council to formulate and implement plans and programs and perform other related activities for childrenโ€™s welfare, rights, protection and development.

Day Care Service Program:

– To promote the rights of children to survival, development and special protection with full recognition of the nature of children and its special needs. And to support parents in their rules as primary care givers and their childrenโ€™s first teacher.

Youth Program:

– To help the youth develop desirable leadership, competencies and behaviours and make them self-reliant.

Person with Disability Program:

To uplift the economic and social conditions of Person with Disability.

Productivity Skills Capability Building Program:

– To improve the status of women and become self-reliant.

Bahay Pag-asa Project:

To enable Children in Conflict with the Law (CICL) and Children at Risk (CAR) resolve their problem and restore to normal self-worth and dignity through provisions of protective and rehabilitative services, basic social therapeutic services through the program/project of Bahay Pag-asa.

Foster Parent, Provincial Advisory Committee and other Social Welfare Program:

To enable individuals/families in crisis situation meet their basic needs and deals with their problems by providing timely and appropriate intervention.