“Youth Engagement for Global Action”

In this era where new technologies have been emerging and embraced by the international communities, the world has been getting smaller and smaller every day. With these new technologies come new challenges.

This digital generation apparently brings both convenience and discomfort, both welfare and harm. For the positive aspect, it opens doors for knowledge and deeper understanding on how the rest of the world thinks, behaves and acts. It offers endless opportunities for job seekers and ease in all forms of transactions via online platforms. On the negative aspect, it has been used as an opportunity to intrude the rights of privacy amongst individuals. Unscrupulous activities such as cybersex and cyber bullying have been victimizing netizens especially the youth.

Being your father in this province, it is my challenge to you, my young constituents, to capitalize on your curious minds in discovering new things and venturing new horizons for your own good and for the good of your respective organizations and communities. Be competent by equipping yourselves with knowledge and using your imagination for further personal and collegial enrichment. Be proactive and productive team players. Always get involved and engaged in worthwhile endeavors being part of the larger and wider global stage.

I am one with you in your LINGGO NG KABATAAN 2020 celebration with the theme: โ€œYouth Engagement for Global Action.โ€


Besides this Covid-19 pandemic the Sangguniang Kabataan celebrates the Provincial Linggo Ng Kabataan through online interaction.
The Linggo ng Kabataan will highlight the unity of the youth in the province. It will be dedicated to celebrate young people’s contribution to conflict prevention and transformation as well as inclusion, social justice, and sustainable development.
Below are the events: mechanics and criteria of judging are attached below for each event. Communicate with your Municipal SK Federation Presidents or Brgy. SK Chairpersons.
Good luck! Good bless! And always keep Safe!

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